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Grey Squirrel
Deer in the Woods




Alternative Pest Control Ltd offer a unique deer management service, promoting deer welfare, which includes proofing, heard management and advice on ways to keep deer from entering certain areas.


Deer are highly regarded and with no natural predators their numbers have increased, Alternative Pest Control offers a deer culling service dependent on season, proximity, condition of the deer and dangers caused by the deer themselves.   


There are two types of fox, the Rural fox and the Urban fox and although they are from the same family their feeding habits and behaviours are very different.

Both are predators, the Rural fox is mainly nocturnal and will hunt on rabbits, grubs and will also kill farm animals.  They can, but not always, be known to have a pack mentality which will enable them to take a struggling sheep.  The Rural fox usually is wary of any human presence.


The Urban fox are scavengers, they will kill pets and attacks on children are becoming more frequent.  Their fear of humans is much less than that of the Rural fox and sightings during the day have increased.


There are various reasons why Fox controls are required such as:  protect livestock and pets, protect against diseases and fouling in built up areas and to stop damage to properties such as dens under sheds or outbuildings and foraging in bins.


Alternative Pest Control Ltd offer a wide variety of measures to control fox such as proofing, live trapping and humane dispatch and offer a free advice on what can and cannot be carried out in each situation. 




Moles can do a lot of damage to lawns if not controlled.   Both Mole trapping or gassing are effective and can be carried out by Alternative Pest Control Ltd.



The grey squirrel can nest in wall surface cavities, in between false ceiling/wall surfaces and in the loft, The squirrel can use loft and roofing insulation, boxes and other products stored in the loft to make their nests.  In some circumstances they have been known to chew through electrical cables and roof joists causing a potentially hazard conditions to both the property and to the residents of the property. 


Alternative Pest Control Ltd is unable to "live trap" a grey squirrel and release back into the wild as they are a non-native species and it is now prohibited to do so, however, humane ways of dispatch are used.


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